Thredbo 14 Conference

Sunday 30 August to Thursday 3 September 2015

Plenary Presentations

Big themes and big challenges Professor David Hensher, International Chair, Thredbo Conference Series; Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, University of Sydney Business School, Australia

Wider benefits of public transport: an evolving concept with evolving users Glen Weisbrod, Economic Development Research Group, USA

London's transport: delivering homes, jobs and growth – boosting UK productivity Dr Michèle Dix CBE, Managing Director of Crossrail 2, Transport for London, UK

Workshop Reports

Workshop 1. Innovations in service delivery and performance management
Workshop 2. Effective institutional relationships, regulatory frameworks and contract transition strategies
Workshop 3. Sustainable funding sources, and related cost/benefit measurements, for public transport
Workshop 4. Developing inter-modal transport systems
Workshop 5. Harnessing big data
Workshop 6. Reassessing public operations
Workshop 7. Market initiative: regulatory design, implementation and performance
Workshop 8. The wider economic, social and environmental impacts of public transport investment

Local Organising Committee


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